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Paterno family needs to shut up.

July 23, 2012
A statue of Head Football Coach Joe Paterno ne...

A statue of Head Football Coach Joe Paterno near Beaver Stadium on the campus of the Pennsylvania State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joe Paterno was considered a legend by many because of his untouchable coaching career with Penn State. However, Penn State did what they needed to do when they took down his statue. His legendary status does not even begin to compare to the horrific scandal that has plagued Penn State because of the Sandusky child molestation scandal. We will never know for sure how much Paterno knew or didn’t know about what his assistant coach was doing, but that statue had to go; this goes beyond football, and the Paterno family needs to have some respect.

Can anyone be surprised with the fact that Joe Paterno’s family are standing up for his family? No. He was to them, a good father, grandfather and husband. He was an educated man who had a passion for football. He was a man who helped guide boys into becoming men; he was their hero. In their minds, Paterno was not aware of any wrongdoings. The Paterno family however, needs to learn how to utilize the term “no comment” when it comes to the media. They can believe what they want about their family member, but the general population does not. They are coming off completely delusional, angering the public and hurting the victims even more. This goes beyond a man’s reputation. Nothing is more important than the safety of a child; nothing in the world. The fact that numerous children were victims of sexual abuse is bigger and more important, and the more the Paterno family speaks, the more downright disrespectful and offensive they sound. While they acknowledge the fact that many people were hurt by Sandusky’s actions, they aren’t looking at the big picture: the innocent lives of many children were taken away. Their rights were violated and for most of them, learning to live a normal life has probably been extremely difficult. This is what the public cares about; we care about the victims, not the reputation of one man.

So Paterno family, perhaps you should learn to keep your mouths shut. You will continue to believe what you want, and that is your right and choice. I suppose no one can fault you for believing in a man you idolized and adored; he was after all, your family. Please however, stop with your ridiculous public statements, no one wants to hear what you have to say anymore. Let the victims and their families have some peace.


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